Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photoshop CS3 Help?

Can anyone help me by pointing me in the direction of some scrapping tuts for CS3? I have tried a few but they just dont seem to be working out. I dont know where to start. I dont know how to resize anything. I need a beginners tut on how to create my first digi scrap page :)



Rose said...

I'm totally addicted to digiscrapping, I use a program called Storybook Creator by Creative Memories, which is very user friendly. For photoshop there are some helpful tips on the Scrap that idea blog:
I know if you want to resize an image without completely resizing EVERYthing, you make sure that item is selected on your layers palette, and select the move tool(has an arrow with the cross thingy at the top of your tools palette) and a square should appear around your element. Click and drag one of the little white squares on the corners and it should get bigger or smaller depending on which way you drag it. If you hold down the shift key while you do this, the element will hold it's proportions (if you don't it will look stretched.) To flip the element horizontally or vertically, select that element in the layers palette, go to the top menu and go to edit>transform>flip horizontal. Under transform you can also rotate it 90 or 180 as well. As for any other tutorials, I have just learned as I go along, with some very frustrated days staring at the PS screen!! I have CS4 but that should work for you! There are also some photo shop classes available to take too. Let me know if none of this makes any sense! my email is cwps29(at)yahoo(dot)com

Rose said...

Hahah omigosh it's me again! I googled it and found this great tutorial:
It's totally a step by step to make a layout.

Alicia said...

Hi Rose. Thanks for the help. You have mail :)

Rose said...

Hahaha my email is cwps29(at)yahoo(dot)ca
sorry!! bahaha I'm dum hehe