Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Please help!!

Australia is a nation in mourning for the victims of the recent bushfires, which have devastated over 700 homes, and killed over 170 people and climbing.

Images courtesy of The Herald Sun gallery

This disaster is so very near and dear to our hearts, and when Aussies are in need, they come together to help, so Pickleberrypop is proud to report that $1,500 from site profits has been donated via The Red Cross, and direct donation to a PBP designer and her family, to aid the victims of these bushfires.

We appeal to this community to please dig deep and help those in need by making a donation, however small or large, it all adds up. Please visit THIS site to see how and where you can help.
If you are not in Australia, you can still help as some organisations will allow international residents to donate, for example, the The Salvation Army (please type 'Victorian/Australian Bushfire Appeal 2009' in the specific use field), and the Australian Red Cross.

Thank you.

( Original post by Annette from PBP. Thanks!!)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling us a safe place to donate. We love our Australian friends.